Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

Saturday before Easter, we had our 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt at Bruce's parent's house!!  It was such a success last year that Jeanie and Lucian wanted to do it again for us and all of our friends!! They are so generous and thoughtful and they definitely know how to throw a party!! ;)  We had a great time again this year and will look forward to the next ones!

 Can you see all of the 'hidden' Easter eggs?!  :)
 On your mark, get set, GO!
 Parker and Austin
 A proud Zeke
 Parker already counting his...  :)
 Natalie helping Madison; Austin being the big brother helping one of the twins
 Hannah following behind Zeke for ones missed :)
 I think this is Parker carrying Dylan's Easter basket
Time for lunch!!  Maclaren, Anna and Parker

 Mr. Rick playing with all of the kids
 Many attempts to get this picture:  Hannah, Parker, Austin, Luke, Zeke, Madison, Dylan, Anna, Betty Kate, Parker and Maclaren

 Love this!!  Parker and Luke running  :)
 I think the Easter Bunny went a little overboard this year--maybe because he knew it was the last one of just Parker!! (and maybe because he forgot he had brought things earlier in the season....) oh well!! :)
 Checking it out...

 Family pic
 My sweet little man on Easter!! How handsome!! 
Great picture with GiGi and Goddy!!  :)

January thru March 2012

Here is another large blog post for several months.  I find it a little easier to catch up this way--so I hope you don't mind scrolling thru a lot of pictures! ;)  In this post, we have Bruce's birthday (January 11th), Parker's first trip to the Upstate Children's Museum (which he LOVED by the way--definitely have to go back soon!!) and the last time Parker slept in his crib (March 16th) and moved into his BIG BOY Room!!!  He absolutely LOVES his big boy bed/room and STILL says every morning and after nap "I slept in my big boy bed!!" with such pride it just melts your heart!!  I can't believe how big he is getting and how much he has grown into this adorable, funny, sweet hearted little boy!!!

 Parker playing with Bruce's birthday present gift bag! :)
 Bruce had to hold Parker back from digging into the cake!

 Happy birthday to my wonderful and amazing husband!! You are a 'stupendious' dad and we love you very much!!
 Parker playing with one of the displays at the Children's Museum (this one was of his favorites)

 Working on his balance ;)

 This was at the dinosaur exhibit and he LOVED playing here!!  We made several trips back to this area!

 "Riding the horsey"
 Another big hit was playing in the water exhibit

 My handsome little man!!  He definitely has our hearts!!

 Last time taking his nap in his crib!!  :(   He is growing up way, way too fast!!

 And now.....Parker's Big Boy Room!!  Thanks GiGi for all of your help!! Couldn't have done this without your help/guidance, talent and expertise!! (and sewing skills!!) 

 A very excited and proud "big boy"!!

I think he loves it!!  :)